Car Junk Removal Services

Philadelphia Car Junk Removal Services

Abandoned cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles can sometimes be obstructions in the road. Most of the time, these old, abandoned vehicles can highly affect a property’s overall appearance and take up a lot of space. Unfortunately, these road obstructions can be a challenge to move because most of them are no longer working and were just left to rust. This is the reason why most homeowners and residents require some help in getting rid of these vehicles.

It’s definitely important to have a reputable towing company at your beck and call. Luckily, Philadelphia Towing Service is here to assist you in your car junk removal at any time of the day. Just give us a call to have old vehicles and car junks removed from your property. You can trust that we will respond to your call promptly and act on it so you can clear the space and use it more efficiently.


Our Car Junk Removal Services

It may not be common knowledge to everyone but most car junk removal requests do not necessarily mean that the vehicle to be removed is junk. Most people who need this service were having issues in moving abandoned vehicles. Because of this, we offered services that will be perfectly tailored to our customers’ needs.

Here at Philadelphia Towing Service, we offer car junk removal, abandoned vehicle towing, and vehicle storage.

Car Junk Removal

Car junk, as the name implies, is any vehicle that’s meant to be discarded. Unfortunately, residents and homeowners usually find it difficult to move these car junks by themselves since most of them are stuck and are no longer working. In fact, most car junks are challenging to move because they are already falling apart. They normally have metal parts littered around them and cleaning can be a tedious job.

Nonetheless, Philadelphia Towing Service is here to assist you in taking care of all these problems. We will remove the vehicle and clean up all the littered metal parts to make sure that your property is safe and clear.

Abandoned Vehicle Towing

Abandoned cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles can be alarming – especially when they just appear out of nowhere and were left in your area. Aside from the safety risks, having an abandoned vehicle can eat up a lot of space. Therefore, we work with local enforcement officers to make sure that all the abandoned vehicles reported to us will be documented and properly removed out of the area. Then, we will safely store these vehicles and wait until the owner claims it.

Vehicle Storage

It’s a common misconception but most people think that all towed vehicles usually end up in a junkyard. Here at Philadelphia Towing Service, we store these vehicles in our lot, especially abandoned cars, motorcycles, trucks, etc and wait for the owners to claim them.

You can even ask us to store your old vehicles to clear up some space at home. We believe that some things are just too precious to let go of. This is the reason why we offer our vehicle storage service.

If you need help with any of these services, don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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