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Your Philadelphia Towing Experts

Philadelphia Towing Service is one of the leading towing companies not only in Philadelphia but all over the state of Pennsylvania. With our strong commitment to providing towing and roadside assistance, we have won the trust and loyalty of our customers

For years, we have been constantly providing assistance to help residents and motorists in times of emergency. Rest assured that we will continue to provide premium towing services as long as our company is here to serve you.

Our dedicated team of highly trained professionals and experts are always available to assist you with all your concerns.

Philadelphia Towing Service is the company to call for all your towing needs.

Our Vision

We envisioned a company that people can rely on in times of need. This is the reason why we are continuously looking for ways to serve our customers better. We go the extra mile and do the impossible to make sure that no driver is left behind.

Ever since we opened our doors to the public, we set the bar high to all the towing companies in Philadelphia, PA. Now that we are the go-to company of the city’s motorists, we aim to be one of the most renowned and recognized towing companies in the country.

Our Mission

Here at Philadelphia Towing Service, it’s very important for us to meet the standards of our customers. As the #1 towing company in the city, we always make sure that all our services are fair, reliable, and high-quality. We are always looking for ways to improve all areas of our business to serve our customers better.

With our passion and commitment, our company is always ready to accept jobs any time, any day. Just dial our number and we’ll be there to help you.

Our Core Values

We believe that in order to be a successful company, we need to set our standards. To keep everyone on the same page, we have established a set of core values that everyone here at Philadelphia Towing Service strictly follows.

  • Promptness
    In this business, it’s essential to always be prompt and punctual. Road mishaps can happen anytime. As a towing company that offers emergency towing services, we make sure that we practice this core value all the time – from picking up the phone to actual towing or roadside assistance.
  • Integrity
    We won’t be in this industry for a very long time if it weren’t for our integrity. We treat each and every customer our priority. To us, it’s not just another paid job, but an actual commitment to serve the people of Philadelphia.
  • Excellent customer service
  • When you call us, our customer service personnel are always ready to assist you at any time of the day. We treat all calls as priority calls because you are important. Our customers and their experience are what makes us the number one towing company in Pennsylvania.
  • Consistency
    Keeping a business running requires consistency. All of us here at Philadelphia Towing Service understands that. We work hard every single day to provide the best service to all of those who are in need. Whether it’s a minor road assistance job or a major vehicular breakdown, we got you covered.
  • Discipline
    Like anyone else who provide emergency services, it’s necessary for all of us to have discipline. All of our team members, from our towing professionals to our customer service team, are highly disciplined in doing their jobs properly even if it requires them to stay up all night or do the impossible. Here at Philadelphia Towing Service, we all know what’s on the line

Our Philadelphia Towing Services

We offer a number of Towing services. Below is a short list of what we offer, but please do not hesitate to call us if you need work you don’t see listed here.


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